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completed work

ICUCICU (2018)

Two tween girls with magical powers surf a dangerous Web, blurring the lines between love and domination.
In this experimental hybrid of stop-motion and live-action filmmaking, power and desire in an intense friendship between two magical tween girls becomes magnified through the lens of networked neo-colonialism.


Ann Arbor Film Festival (2019). MI, USA.

Derby Film Festival (2019). Derby, UK.

Big Muddy Film Festival (2019). IL. USA.

San Diego Underground (2019). CA, USA.

Wasteland Film Festival (2019). CA, USA.

Leeds Queer Film Festival (2020). Leeds, UK.

ARKIPEL Jakarta International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival (2020). Jakarta, ID.


Peransi Prize, ARKIPEL 2020


Experimental Film ICUCICU Is Eerily Jovial, Elena Cruz for THE SOUTHERN. 

co-dir. Giuliana Foulkes


little enemy, best friend (2017)

A sketch for ICUCICU (2018).

I exist, & nothing more (2021)

Commissioned by Pink Dot 13, June 13 2021.

Writer: Rinri (Rei)
Producer: Christopher Khor
Sound design: Audiowise
Score: Iona Waller

$ (2015)

Trauma and learning are two sides of the same coin.

current work

Tropical Rain, Death-Scented Kiss 素馨花 

in-development mixed-media feature film

In a vision of Singapore slowly falling into a wilderness populated by spirits, the ghost of a girl’s best friend follows her home.


Southeast Asian Film Lab 2020, Fellowship Prize 

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